Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ted Kennedy's Annual Lenten Diet

Lent is here again, and while I am more of a lapsed Catholic than anything else, we always try to give up something for Lent. Since we do like to party over here it makes sense for me to give up Carb's, and Alcohol during this period of time that lasts till Easter.

I love flour, bread, potato's, and sugar, beer, wine, and spirits, but it doesn't really like me, so I use this time of year to shed the excess weight put on during the Holidays, and the Fall. This year I am pretty serious about it, and plan to be well under 200 lbs by Memorial Day or sooner.

One of Kate's cousin's greeted me as Lou Ferrigno at a wedding in Jamaica this year, so no more of that for awhile. I am not a diet guru, but I find that keeping it low carb, and staying under 20 carbs a day helps me lose weight the quickest, and also satifies my appetite. So you are going to see a lot of protein being dispayed in different ways over the next six weeks, and we won't forget fish on Friday's.

When you are eating like this you need some serious sauces, so that is why we are going through and detailing how to make the Mother Sauces of France this week. Once you know how to make the right Sauce, the most boring food tastes fantastic. Sure it is rich, but it is on my diet.

I am 6'0 tall and I should weigh around 190 pounds based on my frame. I have been known to flirt with 240 on occasion. The first year of marriage is never easy on the waist line so by doing this diet over Lent I should lose close to 30 pounds. I stay on a moderate version through Memorial Day, and enter Summer at an optimum weight so I can have some fun, and actually take my shirt off in public.

Eating well, and correctly isn't the only thing we do. We make sure we get out and walk 3-4 miles around the neighborhood every day when weather permits. We also have been known to strap on the cross country ski's, and cruise around the golf course when we have time. A little activity, and the right diet is all it takes.

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Maria said...

you forgot the right genes, genetics predetermines more, no matter how healthy your life style is