Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Char Broil Infrared Turkey Fryer

One of the cooler things we purchased in the last year was the CharBroil Infrared Turkey Fryer. You can pick one up at Costco, Sam's Club, or a number of other retailers.
It looks like a large deep fryer but there the similarities end. This is a propane powered infrared roaster, black steel on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. It doesn't cook as fast as a deep fryer would. Typically a fryer cooks at 4 minutes a pound while this unit is closer to 9 minutes. This means you can get a 16-pound turkey (largest recommended size) in about 2 1/2 hours. Still much faster than you would get out of your oven. One of the advantages is that you can load up this bird with injections, rubs and even stuffing before it goes into cook.
Frying a Turkey in peanut oil is expensive and it can be dangerous if you have had a few cocktails and don't know what you are doing. Oil runs about thirty dollars a batch and that greatly increases the price of a turkey. We have done a number of turkeys in this thing and every single one has turned out perfect.
With any turkey I recommend that you brine it for 12-24 hours before you cook it. Brining makes sure the bird will stay extra juicy. We also are big fans of injecting the bird with an oil or butter based marinade of your choice and stuffing fresh herbs under the skin.
I did a bird for the Washington at Notre Dame football game a couple of weeks ago and it was a big hit. Surprisingly though the biggest hit was a spiral cut ham with a Jack Daniels glaze which wasn't shabby either.
Anyway if you don't have one of these things you need to buy one. We fry a bird and smoke a bird for thanksgiving out on the deck without giving up any oven space which is crucial for all the great sides you want to make!
Check this puppy out here.


CB said...

Thanks for the comment about The Big Easy. I write the web log Sizzle on the Grill sponsored by Char-Broil.

Over the past couple of years I've heard from hundreds of folks who purchased this cooker - most of whom had no trouble figuring out how to use it (no pre-heating is the big issue) and also most don't really understand how it works. No matter really - the most fun has been reading about all of the other food that is being prepared in it. From roast duck to prime rib, bacon wrapped mushrooms to corn on the cob. Prime Rib to - can you believe it? - hamburgers! I prepare at least one beer can chicken every couple of weeks - cause it's so easy and I love the crisp skin that comes from cooking in the infrared.

You are always welcome to add your recipes, thoughts, comments and tips to the web log or the Users Forums. Thanks - CB

John Berkowitz said...

Thanks CB...looks like you are from or live in Seattle too. Thanks for turning me on to your blog because it will give me some great idea's on how to tuse this thing.

I have a friend who does whole legs of lamb in it and just loves the results.

The number one thing I like is the safety and the abilty to free up a lot of space in the oven.

You mention the crisp skin. People were really into it at the game. Definitely a real plus!

Romon said...

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Larry said...

This is a really great fryer. I've found a great way to reheat leftovers with a steam basket. It's a great idea to reheat leftovers and get the great taste again.

Stefficel said...

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